3D Roulette – advanced play

3D Roulette offers a traditional game of European roulette with an impressive looking wheel in three dimensions. The European version of the game differs from the US version due to the fact that the American wheel has two zero’s and the European game just one. This game is unusual compared to other online roulette games in that the wheel takes up the lower half of the screen and the betting area the upper half. The wheel itself is very large and it’s very easy to keep an eye on a particular number as the motion is very smooth. The wheel itself is customizable, you are able to add or remove the turret arms, details on the turret, shading on the numbers and the centre lines – removing the number shading does make the game slightly easier on the eye as some of the glare from parts of the wheel is removed.

3D Roulette – How to Play the Game

3d roulette online play When you first click on 3D roulette you’ll be asked which table limits you’d like to play at. These can vary based upon the individual, and you’ll choose between a lower and a higher limit. You’ll then be taken to the table itself. In the top right hand corner of the screen are the different denominations of chips, you’ll click on the chip value you want to bet. Having done this you’ll simply click the betting area where you want to place the chip, and your bet is placed. You’ll then be able to place as many other bets as you’d like until you are ready to spin. If you do make a mistake whilst betting there is an undo button to rectify the previous bet, or a clear button to clear all of your bets for that spin. Hitting the spin button sets the ball in motion, and after watching the ball eventually find a slot, you’ll know whether your bets won or not – your balance at the table will be updated. All of the traditional roulette bets are available – including red/black, odd/even, single numbers, splits and so on. For the roulette beginner there is a pay table button which shows the exact odds you’ll receive on all of your bets. This table also features the minimum and maximum stakes for each bet type – which will correspond to the table limits you set yourself when first entering the table.

3D Roulette at Winner Casino

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3D Roulette – Pros and Cons

The most obvious plus point for this game is the size of the wheel. It is much larger than you’ll see in many variations of roulette online, which enhances the experience – after all, the wheel is where all the action takes place. Game play is very straightforward, visually very impressive and if you want to focus on just the action then this is the game for you. In comparison to some other roulette games there is a lack of options, especially when it comes to the statistical side of the game. Some games have a detailed history of spins, and hot and cold numbers. This game doesn’t feature any detailed stats at all, so it’s not the game for you if that is a side of the game you’re interested in. Also, due to the size of the wheel, the betting area does feel a little condensed – however you can’t have it both ways. Overall, for a straightforward game, with impressive visuals, 3D Roulette at Winner Casino is a great option. Check it out for yourself now, and claim £30 in free play with bonus code XXXX.