The Most Exciting Variations of Online Roulette

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You can find a lot of variations of roulette online. These range from simple wheels with basic bets to live dealer and novelty games with progressive jackpots. Some games have a bigger house-edge than others with the French roulette game having the lowest house edge of all. This page gives you a complete guide to the most popular online roulette games. You will also find an explanation on the rules and bets associated with the main variations here. After explanations of the main roulette variations you will find summaries of some of the more innovative games based on roulette. Many of these games have been developed by individual casinos. You’ll find out about 3D roulette, Deal or no Deal roulette, tournaments and more.

Roulette Standards – the Most Popular Games Online

When you log on to your favourite online casino you’ll often be faced with a list of tables which all sound very similar. There are three standard roulette games, and which you choose does make a difference to your profits over time. In addition to the European, American and French games, you’ll have the option to play on a mobile device or to have a live dealer spin the wheel remotely. European roulette roulette games at online casinosThis is the standard roulette wheel with 37 slots. 36 of these are numbered, with half red and half black. The additional slot is a single green zero. This game normally has two betting surfaces to choose from. The first is the grid, a rectangle with the numbers in 3 long columns and options to bet on even money or 1/3rd chances around the outside. The other is an oval called the ‘racetrack’ and follows the sequence of numbers around the wheel. Specialist bets can be placed inside this racetrack betting surface. French Roulette This game uses the same wheel as the European game, with the single green zero. The differences are in the names of the specialist bets, and in a special rule called ‘la Partage’. The specialist bets are the same as in the European or US game, where they are called Series A, Series B and Orphans. These are translations from the original French, where they are called Orphelins, Tiers du Cilindre and Voisins du zero. La Partage returns half of your stake for even money bets when the ball lands on zero. American Roulette This wheel has an extra slot, making 38 in total. The extra slot is an additional green zero – known as double-zero. This swings the odds in favour of the house. The pay-outs for individual numbers are still 35-to-1 in this game and outside bets lose with either zero. Many players enjoy bets which include both of the zero slots – ensuring this wheel remains popular in the US. I recommend you choose the single-zero European wheel online, as this has a lower house edge. Mini Roulette This is a novelty game, though it has a serious following. The wheel has only 13 slots in total. 12 are numbered, with half black and half red. The other one is a green zero. The betting grid is set up in such a way as to let you bet on individual numbers, splits, even money chances or columns of 4 numbers. The simplified layout of this game means it is ideal for playing on small screened devices such as smartphones. Live Roulette Live Roulette: Improved broadband network speeds and ever more powerful computers have made live streaming casino games a reality. You can now play at tables hosted by live dealers around the clock. You still bet with your computer, with the actual betting grid at the studio remaining empty. You can chat with the dealers while you play. You can choose from European or French roulette games when playing live dealer games, and there are VIP tables waiting for the high-rollers. I recommend you check out ‘Immersive Roulette’ when you find this game. This game is enhanced by special effects and slow motion replays.

How European, American and French Roulette Rules Affect the House Edge

House edge can seem like a dry mathematical concept to many players. However, this concept is vitally important to your profits and enjoyment of the games over the long run. All players will experience lucky streaks, and other times when their numbers just do not seem to hit. You can make some nice profits in the short term, though in the end the casino will always win. The edge is a small percentage, and over time it adds up to millions of dollars in profit for casinos around the world. Many players do not realize that you can halve the house edge which the casino enjoys by choosing the right wheel. Here are the house edge numbers:

The key differentiator in these house edge calculations is the existence of the US double-zero slot. This alone turns a game with an average house edge compared to other casino games, into one with a poor return. You will also find that the double-zero means that there are layout differences and different bets for the US wheel. The main (and popular) bet is the ‘First 5’, this is the two zero slots and one through to three. The house edge for this bet is a giant 7.89%. Other differences involve the inclusion of ‘Finales’ bets on some French wheeled games. These are for numbers ending with the same digit for example 6, 16, 26 and 36. Roulette Bonuses Make a Big Difference Since casinos compete with each other for your custom, you can try out the different roulette games online while enjoying some great bonus offers. The two deals below are hard to beat:

888’s European Roulette You can try out the single-zeroed wheel at 888 – while enjoying a huge £88 in free-play. You’ll get an e-mail with a claim link when you register, and need to play through the winnings 30 times before you can withdraw them, and face a £20 cap. You can still enjoy your 100% to £100 welcome bonus if you enjoy this game – and judging by the huge popularity of this global casino brand, I think you will enjoy the games at 888 a lot. Betfair Casino’s American Roulette If you prefer the double-zero wheel and associated bets, then why not try the great offers at Betfair. This huge brand has several deals to welcome new players. You can get £10 free to give their live-dealer roulette games a spin. After that you can grab an industry-leading 200% bonus up to £300. There are always plenty more promotions and special deals at this casino to keep your bankroll topped up.

Innovative Online Roulette Games

Roulette has moved on since the days when a standard wheel and the same old bets were all you could access. These days you will find many games themed around roulette online. Some are very similar with just a single twist or difference – while others are only loosely based on the roulette theme. 3D Roulette This is a classy looking roulette game with a 3D effect table. You get a large European wheel at the bottom of the window, and both the grid and racetrack betting surfaces to choose from. There are two novel bets you will not find elsewhere, the ‘Black Splits’ and ‘Red Splits’. Pinball Roulette This is a quirky roulette variation loosely based on a pinball format. You place your bets on a standard grid betting surface or choose neighbours bets from a line of numbers below this corresponding to the normal wheel. When you bet the ball is shot to the top of a pinball-like surface where it bounces down to the slots which move across the bottom of the screen. There is a second bonus round where you can try and increase your wins. Mini Roulette This 13 slot wheel is a fast and fun Roulette innovation. With fewer numbers the variance is lower than on a standard sized wheel in this game. You can bet on even money, 1/3rd or split number chances. With a more compact betting surface, this is an ideal candidate for playing roulette on mobile phone Bingo Roulette This is a bingo game themed on a roulette wheel, rather than a roulette game per se. The wheel spins and gives out the numbers which then fill up the bingo grid – which is designed to look like the normal roulette betting grid. This is a fast and entertaining game, and you can win jackpot prizes of up to £10,000 while playing it. Deal or No deal This is a novelty game which combines the theme of the TV game show with roulette. The major difference comes with two bonus rounds. There is a telephone bonus, where a separate wheel spins offering up to 500 times your bet. There is also a bonus round where you’ll get to choose from 22 boxes and make that decision on ‘deal or no deal’. You can opt into the bonus games, which are triggered by a second wheel spinning in the opposite direction to the main numbers.

Even More Interesting Roulette Games Online

Once the innovations around the roulette theme got started, there really is no stopping the casinos. You can find games which take the central idea of roulette, and take this to the next level. There are jackpots, multiple wheels, tournament formats where you compete against other players and more. Multy Wheel Roulette This is ideal for players who like a little more action than a single roulette game can offer. You can choose from between 1 and 8 wheels, and spin them all at the same time. Once all of the wheels have stopped, each one enlarges in turn so you can see where the ball landed. Rockin’ Roulette The key difference with this game is that there is no wheel! Instead there are 37 coloured balls in a dome which bounce around until one comes out of a transparent tube. Bets are then settled in the usual roulette format. Real Tournaments This is a game format, and can be based on any of the wheels. The idea is that you compete with other players in knockout format. Since you need more chips than your opponents to get through to the next round, you can often find spots to strategically adjust your bet sizing. French Roulette Until a couple of years ago, this game was very rare online. It is now offered by most of the major casinos. French roulette uses the European wheel, with one special rule. When the ball lands on the zero, half of your stakes are returned for even money bets.